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Fresh out of college and after an awesome five-month internship at the Rochester Post-Bulletin, starting a career in sports writing is something I'm striving for.

However, work being slow, I decided to start my blog to keep up on my writing and maybe catch the eye of some editor at a daily who likes young guys who like giving their opinions. Until then, this is just a hobby.


card games, community involvement, movies, my friends, poker, Sports, TV shows on DVD, volunteering through the Boy Scouts

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Surprising T-Jack leads to win with four TD passes on only eleven completions posted on 12/16/2008

Where was this in the first two weeks of the season?

Tavaris Jackson, bench after two losses this season, had four TD passes (two of them over 40 yards) to led Minnesota to a not-so-surprising win over the playoff-bound Arizona Cardinals. Jackson went 11-for-17 with 163 yard with no picks or fumbles. He was sacked three times but also had three carries for three yards, all of them for one yard, avoiding other potential sacks. This was the kind of spark the Vikings haven't had since Dante Culpepper had his MVP-caliber season--only to be upstaged by record-setting QB Peyton Manning.

Now that I've given credit where it is due, we have to look at the obvious: Arizona isn't really worthy of a playoff spot. The Cardinals, who could have clinched a playoff berth in Week 12, finally locked up a spot in Week 14 but came out flat against a team who knows they have a tough schedule but the inside track to the playoffs.

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Another week, antother close Vikings' win, 20-16 over the maneless Lions posted on 12/10/2008

It isn't a good sign when two important wins for the Vikings this season have been two- and four-point victories against a winless team. Nonetheless, the Viks avoided the trap game and are 7-2 in their last nine games to move to 8-5 and have a one-game lead over Da Bears in the NFC North.

The Purple is starting to put things together with three straight wins, two of them being on the road. Not to sound like a pessimist but how can Minnesota choke this season? Their remaining schedule is at Arizona (8-5), then hosting Atlanta (8-5) and the NFC-leading New York Giants (11-2). Da Bears host New Orleans (7-6), Green Bay (5-8) and then travel to Houston (6-7). Advantage to the Bears.

However, you have to seen the blessing in disguise. If Minnesota makes the playoffs, they will have to defeat some tough opponents down the stretch in games that matter. If they come out of this ahead, they will host a first-round game at the Dome where they are 5-1 this season.

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Guilty until proven innocent: Mixed thoughts on Williams Wall suspension posted on 12/04/2008

Several NFL policy changes may be made by recent suspension of six players including Minnesota DTs Kevin and Pat Williams for an anti-doping violation.

After a Hennepin County Judge temporarily blocked the NFL's suspension, which was expected when the NFL handed down the suspensions, the average fan can only sit back and wait for the legal process to do it's job.

Well, maybe there is more than we can do. As a Vikings fan, you might say "let them play!" As a Bears or Packers fan you might say "you did the crime, now pay the time." One of the things I love about having something resembling a brain but actually using it settle otherwise subjective arguments (example: I'm a Vikings fan who hates the Packers but love the rich history the Packers have and love watching Brett Favre play regardless the shade of green he is wearing).

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SNF win over the Bears 34-14 moves Vikings to within striking distance of playoff berth posted on 12/01/2008

The game was much closer than the score would indicate as the Vikings downed the Bears 34-14.

After a no-call on a roughing the passer, Minnesota had to settle for a field goal. The next possession, Minnesota forced a Chicago punt... which they didn't have to do because one of our DBs got a stupid (and I can't say that enough), stupid personal foul. He got bailed out by four stops from the two-yard line. The first play of the next Vikings' drive was a 99-yard, perfect pass to Berrian that resulted in a TD (and 15 points for anyone playing Berrian in fantasy football--the most you can have on one play in a non-point-per-catch league).

The Vikings rolled from there, getting three interceptions in the fourth quarter against Orten and three sacks out of Jared Allen. The win moves them to 7-5 and in sole possession of the top spot in the NFC North while Chicago sits one game back and Green Bay sits two. Even with the trip to the maneless Lions' den next week, the division is still up for grabs.

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Ball control key in Chicago/Minnesota game for lead in NFC North posted on 11/28/2008

So it might not come down to this, but the Vikings (6-5 overall, 2-2 in the division) need to win on Sunday Night Football this weekend against the Bears (6-5, 3-1) to win the NFC North.

Yes, if they lose they will be a game back with four games to go; however, we would have lost both games to Da Bears and lose any tie-breaker, essentially being two games back with four to go. Throw in the fact that the Packer face a Carolina team that can be beat and the Vikings could fall to third in the division quickly (fortunately they can't drop to fourth--thank you Detroit). Green Bay is 3-1 in the divison, 5-6 overall.

You may recall the Viks lost 48-41 in Chicago earlier this season with a late Gus interception sealing the deal. Since that loss, the Vikings are 3-1, the only loss coming to 8-3 Tampa Bay. After a so-so, road win against a struggling team in Jacksonville, the Vikings are a three-point favorite (depending on what online betting site you use). This is a pretty accurate spread, considering Vikings wins in the division have been by two and one points while losses have come by seven and five.

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